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WiKaRu Installation Instructions

Install WiKaRu in 6 simple steps:       (or CLICK HERE to watch the video)

Step 1

Step 1:  

Remove the provided piece of 4"x4" drywall from the bag. Place the piece of drywall over the existing hole, and with a pencil trace along the provided piece of drywall.

HINT: Mark an arrow at the top of the provided drywall before removing, to ensure flush insert.

Step 2

Step 2:  

With a keyhole saw (or other cutting tool), cut along the square trace.  

*CAUTION* Insulation and/or electrical wiring  may be present behind the drywall. Identify the position of any wiring prior to cutting. Carefully remove any remaning debris and spread apart insulation to allow room for your WiKaRu brace to be applied.

Step 3

Step 3:  

Remove the WiKaRu male and female brace from the package.  Connect and push the two braces together, advancing the connected braces to the last ring on the male brace, and STOP.

Step 4

Step 4:  

Remove the tape cover from the glue-dot and apply the female brace (with the glue-dot) to the center of the provided drywall piece, and press firmly for a few seconds to make sure that it is attached firmly.

Step 5

Step 5:  

With the braces now attached to the provided piece of drywall, insert the WiKaRu brace through the square hole and past any insulation. Make sure the arrow is correctly positioned to ensure a firm fit. Apply mild pressure to the center of the provided drywall and advance until the drywall piece is flush with the existing wall.

Step 6

Step 6:  

Finish off your home improvement by applying joint compound, drywall tape, texture and paint. Please visit the Tips and Tricks section of our website for additional information.

WiKaRu thanks you for your business and reminds everyone to continue to recycle... Stay green!

Made in USA

Made in USA

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